Quality & environment

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Our focus

Since the company was founded, focus has been on being a leader in quality, and environmental work. This was ensured by certification in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in 2011.

For us, quality work means that we try to ensure both the external and internal quality. One part of this is to draw lessons from previous projects and experience, ie. constantly striving to improve us.

The purpose of environmental work is to control how we work to reduce our environmental impact and prevent pollution whenever possible.

Quality Policy

Quality IT Solutions AB delivers complete solutions for telecommunications and data networks, including planning, design and installation work. All assignments are carried out in accordance with applicable constitutional requirements.

With us, all employees take personal responsibility to improve and enhance the quality of company services and customers. We work with dialogues and retrieval of information in all projects. In order to meet customer requirements and wishes for a new project, the customer should always feel confident about his choice of solution.

A functional and updated quality plan gives us much more back, and it ultimately gives our customers reliability and very high quality of services performed.

Qualit works after a well-structured structure to always deliver the best, for ourselves and for the customer. The company is trained continuously to continually improve the environment and quality within the company.

All employees are responsible for the quality policy in their daily work.


Quality IT Solutions AB is a full service company that implements all or part of telecom infrastructure for digital communications.
With small funds we can all make a difference. We at Qualit take a big personal responsibility to work towards a cleaner and more pleasant environment. In our own efforts to continuously improve our environmental work, we do the following, by planning our deliveries and work trips, avoiding unnecessary transport.

  • We try to optimize material use in the projects, ie reduce production play and choose environmental options when technically feasible and economically reasonable.
  • Trying to digitize document management in the projects
  • Observe current environmental regulations and other environmental requirements
  • We prevent pollution by informing our subcontractors of the procedures that apply in the projects regarding quality, environment and work environment.
  • Everyone within the company is well aware of our environmental policy and taking personal responsibility for improving the environment